Helping artists  to share their creativity and process.  Hi, my name is Elsa, nomad, vanlifer and photographer. I love to see imagination becoming real and materials turning into craft, that is why I have chosen to collaborate with creators to document and share their journey,  process and vision. 

I have lived in eight countries in the past 20 years and just came back from four years road trip in the American continent. This website is mostly about it. 

If you ended here, most probably you know me or I have contacted you. In the last 7 years, I moved my  career path from finance and corporate to photography and adventure. I believe a powerful image can change people’s life and the best destinations are found at the end of a dirt road. 

My photography lives somewhere between road tripping in my camper van, the great outdoors and documenting the creative process of artists I meet along the way. 

I am always on the move, currently in Central Florida.

If you are interested in collaborate  please contact me at or fill the form below. 

See you on the road. 


Let's work together

I've collaborated tattoo artists, artisans, workers and small businesses, documenting their journey, process and vision. 

While I move locations I contact locals to team up and create. Just create. 

I would love to listen to you and how you create your own path. Feel free to write me. 


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